I Run

What a change You’ve made,
How my heart has turned;
Since You came within,
Gave what my soul yearned.

Lord You filled my heart,
With love and hope You filled;
Gave a brand new start,
The storm within You stilled.

So transformed by grace,
My life is made brand new;
I now run life’s race
With eyes fixed on You.

by Kevin Phillips

Drawn Away

I always will be drawn away,
Wrong seems easier than right;
My heart, it goes astray,
Loving darkness more than light.

My eyes, they ever wander
From the author of salvation;
My life on sin I squander,
My mind on ill imagination.

Despite my frequent failings,
Despite the battle deep within,
You heal my heart’s ailings,
You wash away my every sin.

Truly, Lord, I love You
Because You first loved me.
By Your hand I am made whole;
You’ve set this sinner free.

by Kevin Phillips


Years go by,
Time slips away,
Children age,
Turn old and gray.

Life is a breath,
Is gone so fast;
What’s done for Christ
Only will last.

by Kevin Phillips

The Dance

One step forward,
Two steps back,
This deadly dance with sin;
Testing God,
Abusing grace,
Allowing darkness in.

I live in sin,
Does grace abound?
No, I am called to die;
This means free to sin-
Is Satan’s twisted lie.

Two steps forward,
One step back,
Perfect I’ll never be;
But dance with grace,
Draw near to God,
Just a closer walk with Thee.

by Kevin Phillips

On My Side

The foolish things that I have done,
I will not turn to them again;
As sin calls out to lure me near,
Though I may struggle, I will win.

Some days I’m strong, some days I’m weak,
Some days I stumble in my pride;
But I have strength to overcome,
For my God is on my side.

by Kevin Phillips

Know You

Let me know You,
Know You more;
Draw me nearer, God, to You.

You alone,
You I live for;
Let my heart be ever true.

You fill my longing,
Desperate longing,
Fill that emptiness within.

You make me holy,
Make me righteous,
Wash away my every sin.

I want to live,
To live for You,
To You, Lord, I surrender all.

My heart I give,
My love is Yours,
Lord, I surrender to Your call.

by Kevin Phillips

Left Behind

So hard to be left behind,
When loved ones pass,
When dear ones die.

They are to the great beyond,
A better place-
At perfect peace.

Yet we are here,
Alone it seems;
We grieve, we despair.

What shall we do?
What shall we say?
That life is hard, yet God is good.

Goodbye is just goodbye,
One day rectified.

The life they shared,
Count it a blessing,
A divine gift.

Their absence,
Count it a new reason
To long for Heaven and home.

You too are mortal.
You too shall cross the veil,
Greeted by life, reunited in love.

by Kevin Phillips


Every day that passes,
The treadmill goes again;
Nothing done,
So much to do,
So very hard to win.

The things that do not matter,
They occupy the time;
Life is spent,
But nothing shown,
No reason and no rhyme.

I must learn to seize the day,
Or pointless, life has passed;
Do what matters,
Make a change,
Build legacy to last.

by Kevin Phillips

A Prayer for My Son

Father, I give in Your care,
My child’s precious life;
Watch over him,
Keep him safe,
Hold him when in strife.

Give him health,
Grant many days,
Long life upon this earth;
Let him know joy,
Follow you,
And live a life of worth.

Meet his needs,
Watch his path,
Grant him great success;
Give him favour,
Draw him close,
His life with good things bless.

by Kevin Phillips

This Day

This day is all I have,
The past is gone away,
Tomorrow may not come,
I must live today.

I can’t change what’s been done,
So I can’t live in regret;
Just repent and change my ways,
Then on Christ my eyes set.

No guaranteed tomorrow,
So there’s no time to wait;
What must be done I must do now,
Dare to do what’s great.

Each moment is a gift divine,
We have no breaths to spare;
Live, love, serve right here and now,
Trusting in God’s care.

by Kevin Phillips