The grass is always greener,
Looking to the other side;
But from this side of the fence,
There’s so much the grass can hide.

We see every barren spot right here,
Each bump and every weed;
We know each fault here where we stand,
It seems so subpar, indeed.

Yet over in that other yard,
Green with envy stands another,
Who looking at your plush green lawn,
Thinks the better is the other.

So neither soul is happy,
Each feeling that they lack;
Wishing for something they have not,
And on their blessings turn their back.

So learn this poinient lesson,
Instead of envying your brother,
To be content with what you have,
And compare it to no other.

by Kevin Phillips

Christmas Lights

Little lights on trees and garland,
Lovely symbols of the season.
Faces smiling, children laughing,
The joy of Christmas is the reason.
Cerebrate with merry wishes,
With Christmas gifts below the tree,
With candies, cookies, friends and family,
With mistletoe hung carefully.

A shining light up in the heavens,
Hung by God for all to see,
Wise men bearing gold and perfume
Greet a newborn child with glee.
This first Christmas decoration,
Shining light from up above,
A herald of the Savior’s coming,
A symbol of the Father’s love.

Little lights in hearts surrendered,
In the darkness go shine bright.
To the highways and the hedges,
Go and give the blind eyes sight.
Christ has brought illumination,
He’s seen in us, the born again;
So shine bright with your Christmas lights,
With peace on Earth, good will to men.

by Kevin Phillips


Too many blessings to keep count,
How can I show my gratitude?
As Your goodness I recount,
No moment was I without you.
King Jesus, generous and kind,
Fully I trust in Your care.
Under your wings Your grace I find,
Life and blessings I’ve found there.

by Kevin Phillips

Grace Beyond Compare

Faithful like the rising sun,
Full of life and light;
Gentle as a mother’s touch,
Yet full of power and might.

Loving in His every way,
Watchful in His tender care;
Granting kindness underserved,
Grace beyond compare.

My God I’ll listen to Your voice,
And though I struggle to be true,
You walk with me so patiently,
So I will follow You.

by Kevin Phillips

In the Nooks

Clean and tidy are the looks,
But dust and dirt hides in the nooks.
Each hidden corner will not tell
The secrets that it holds so well.

To find what lurks in hidden places,
Light must come from open spaces.
To find the filthy secret thing
One must on purpose seek to clean.

This rings true for house and home,
For every place where e’er we roam.
Yes, cleanliness, a worthy goal;
But when have you last cleansed your soul?

As we journey on life’s road,
Carrying our heavy load,
We kick up dust along the way,
And dirty stains will on us stay.

We may look the part so holy,
But we know our ways are lowly.
But just one prayer to Heaven’s King
And rains of mercy wash us clean.

When sin and shame have taken hold,
He refines like purest gold.
When we surrender all our heart,
He makes us new, His work of art.

by Kevin Phillips

In the Nooks


In the quiet times,
The peaceful solitudes,
All is at rest.

I hear life bustling about me from afar,
I feel my heart beat,
Every breath a purposeful symphony.

In these still moments,
I recognize my blessed existence.
I am here,
I am living,
And it is good to be alive.

by Kevin Phillips


Life is full of worry,
Full of doubt and full of fear;
In every single moment,
This stowaway is near.
He creeps there in the shadows,
In the corner of your eye,
This nagging, harsh suspicion
That refuses e’er to die.

The fear of loss,
The fear of harm,
The fear of death,
March arm in arm.

What shall we do,
What shall we say,
What steps can hold
This fiend at bay?

Gently says the Father,
“Cast all your cares on me.”
Take comfort that in every step,
He closely walks with thee.

by Kevin Phillips


A tragic end, a sad farewell, an unwanted departure.
Death is the end of every man and beast,
A cruel truth to everything that has breath.

But without this morbid ending, this dark shadow,
Would we realize the value of living?
Is this sinister companion light as well as darkness?

O I do long to live, I do wish never to die.
This life that seems so endless in youth seems so fleeting in maturity.
But the shadow remains.
The destination may be prolonged, but not avoided.

So what shall I do?
I shall l live to the first while I am able,
Seize the moment,
Leave a legacy,
Love abundantly,
Make the most of every opportunity.

And when death comes calling,
When it’s cold embrace finds me,
I shall not avoid death,
But I shall have certainly lived.

by Kevin Phillips


My flesh.
It lusts, it lies.
It makes me do the things I hate.

My flesh.
It hates, it hurts.
It pushes away the ones I love.

My flesh.
It doubts, it destroys.
It steals the faith I have in God.

His Spirit.
It seeks out truth,
It leads me in the path of righteousness.

His Spirit,
It heals the broken,
It joins together in the bonds of love.

His Spirit,
It restores my trust,
It says “Fear not, I am with you.”

Who shall save my from myself?
The Spirit He has placed within me,
Through Jesus Christ my Savior.

by Kevin Phillips


As vauable as diamonds,
As rare as gold.
By God freely given,
By man often unseen.

Beauty of action,
Radiance of attitude,
The desire of nations,
A rarity among Adam’s children.

I am inspired to it,
For even when I am faithless,
You are faithful,
For You cannot deny yourself.

Because of Your love,
Because of Your faithfulness,
God help me,
I will be faithful.

by Kevin Phillips