Dark Moments

Dark moments of mind,
Heavy heart strains to beat,
Peace within yet to find,
Stung by pain’s awful heat.

Fully lacking in hope,
Happiness an abyss,
Depression’s dark scope
Causing hurt deep as this.

No motive to move
But from life hide away,
Paralized, unbehooved
To rise to the day.

No want but to sleep,
To dream and escape,
With no joy to reap,
Life a barren landscape.

Searching for light,
Unconvinced it will come,
Eclipsed by such blight,
Spirit rendered numb.

One day freedom will reign,
I will leave this dark shore,
With this faith, but a grain,
I at last will find more.

‘Til that moment appear
I resolve to endure,
Through the dark deny fear
And find victory sure.

by Kevin Phillips

Every Day

When I am weak,
Lord, You are strong.
You’re always right,
So oft I’m wrong.
You stay faithful,
Though I stray;
And yet You love me-
Every day.

You are righteous,
I’m steeped in sins.
You are good,
Yet my flesh wins.
You set my paths,
I walk away,
And yet you love me-
Every day.

I will seek You,
Though I fail,
For one day
Grace will prevail:
Before your throne
I’ll ever stay,
And I will worship-
Every day.

by Kevin Phillips

Christmas Gifts

Paper, ribbons, tags, and bows,
Boxes beautified for Christmas Day.
Such beauty in a simple package,
It seems a shame to tear away.

But once the shell is broken open,
Deep within it is revealed
Hidden in this simple package
A greater gift is found concealed.

We are all but flesh and blood,
Our moments here are just a breath.
Like jars of clay we are so fragile,
Life runs blindly into death.

But deep inside these fragile vessels,
The Spirit stirs up gifts of light.
Though we are weak His strength empowers,
And mortal men gain godly might.

Remember, then, this Christmas lesson,
Of the gifts within you hide;
Unopened gifts accomplish nothing,
You must reveal the gift inside!

by Kevin Phillips


Again and again,
Wave after wave,
Hurt after hurt,
Pain after pain.

Blow after blow,
Loss after loss,
End after end,
Cost after cost.

Wound after wound,
Heart break after break,
Day after day,
God gives grace after grace.

by Kevin Phillips

Run On

Though there may be hurt and pain,
Run on! I’ll count loss as my gain.
Through suffering that comes my way,
Run on! I’ll strive till night turns day.
When it seems too much to bear,
Run on! Reward comes if I dare.
When I’ve done all I can do,
Run on! I shall rely on You.
When lonely and without a friend,
Run on! I’ll see You at the end.
I will run this race with glee,
Run on! For You will run with me.

by Kevin Phillips

Your Embrace

Fallen, oh so fallen,
So easily I fail.
I strive so hard for righteousness,
But flesh seems to prevail.

The good I want to do,
It seems I seek in vain;
The sin I long to conquer
I surrender to again.

Walking on the righteous path,
At times the stuff of dreams.
The strength I think I have within
Is weaker than it seems.

In these failing moments,
Lord, I thank You for your grace;
When I struggle to be faithful,
I’m still held in Your embrace.

by Kevin Phillips

This Moment

This moment is a precious gift,
Used only once and it shall stray.
By time’s unforgiving rift,
Seperated, gone away.

In this life each breath hold dear,
For ne’er shall is come back again.
Keep purpose close and reason near,
Living life, now is the “when.”

Seconds, minutes, hours, days,
Flying by they disappear.
Deliberately in godly ways
Walk this life in righteous cheer.

by Kevin Phillips

Perfect Peace

God has not promised
A life free a pain,
That troubles won’t come,
That sorrows won’t reign.

He had not told us
The righteous won’t cry,
The good will not suffer,
That dreams will not die.

But He has promised
That in every trial,
He will be with us,
He walks every mile.

Up in the mountains,
Down in valleys low,
He always is with us,
Wherever we go.

Closer than a brother,
His love’s always near,
So never one moment
Do we have to fear.

In Him we find love,
We have hope that won’t fail,
It may be dark for a night,
But the light will prevail.

In all circumstances,
His care will not cease,
So through all our trials,
We can have perfect peace.

by Kevin Phillips

Christmas Day

Carols sing of ancient promise,
Hope born under a shining star.
Reaching to a world so darkened,
In love He drew close those off far.
Sinners find their debts forgotten,
Told that they are lost no more.
Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus,
Amazing truth, not made up lore.
So thankfully by trees we gather,
Donning joy and season’s cheer.
All the while remembering Jesus;
Yes, to our hearts his love held dear.

by Kevin Phillips

Christ is Born

Christmas trees arrayed in splendor,
Gifts wrapped and ribboned, topped with bows.
Stockings that the children long for,
A home so lighted that it glows.

Friends and family come together,
Smiles and hugs and joy to spare.
Amidst the cold and snowy weather,
Warm season’s greetings many share.

Milk and cookies by the fire,
Kisses under mistletoe.
Presents stacking ever higher,
Parties come and parties go.

In the midst of jubilation,
Don’t forget this season bright
Honors angelic proclamation
“Christ is born this Christmas night.”

by Kevin Phillips