Without You

I’d rather bear great trials,
Suffer days and nights of ill,
Taste of hurt and loss,
Drink life’s bitter swill,
Miss out on fame and fortune,
Have no friend that is true,
Than to spend a single moment
Living my life without You.

There is no single pleasure,
No joy that life can bring,
No comfort life can offer,
No temporary thing,
No sinful occupation,
No treasure of the earth,
No honorary station
Which can match Your worth.

Sin’s pleasure ends so quickly,
Mortal goods will never last,
Treasures rot and rust away,
Happy moments become past;
If I seek true fulfillment,
If I long for something more,
A life with You is what I seek-
Lord, you I shall live for.

by Kevin Phillips


Sometimes I get stuck,
I sink down in the mud;
I cannot move and when I try,
I fall deeper in the flood.
By my own weak power,
Freedom is far away;
I need Your hand, O Lord my God,
To lift me out this day.
I turn to You, to You alone,
For Your strength rescues me;
You set my feet upon a rock,
By Your power I am free.

by Kevin Phillips


When I fear You take my hand,
When I fall You make me stand,
When I fail You give Your grace,
When I’m frail, my strength replace,
When foiled by sin You set me free,
When my life fades, Your face I’ll see.

by Kevin Phillips


For You I labour,
You I serve;
All glory,
Yes, this You deserve.
So all I do,
To You is done;
My heart’s desire,
You are the One.
Each breath I take,
I’ll look to You;
For You I live,
My God so true.

by Kevin Phillips