When I Wonder

What can I say when hearts turn cold,
When friends turn foe and light turns dark?
What can I do when hatred reigns,
When hurt and pain become so stark?

How can my faith stay strong enough
When fearsome trials come my way?
How can my feet find solid ground
When evil seems to win the day?

When I look upon the earth,
Justice will evade my eyes.
The answers only ever come
When I lift them to the skies.

When I look beyond this plane,
And fix my gaze upon Your Throne,
I realize that through it all,
Never have I been alone.

Through the trials and the pain,
Eternal treasures are in store.
These sufferings are but a breath,
But Your reward, forevermore.

When I wonder in my heart
“Why have You forsaken me?”
You’re readying my home above,
Where joy shall reign eternally.

by Kevin Phillips