A Weighty Thing

In this earthly tent I tire,
And my spirit wearies too;
I have a dimmer fire
Than I once had for You.

Though hope should be exceeding
As a child of the King,
Contentment is so fleeting
For life’s a weighty thing.

Can I lift myself out
Of the mire and the clay,
Overcome my doubt,
And keep my flesh at bay?

The strength I seek is found
Not behind this mortal veil;
Naught from terrestrial ground
Shall cause me to prevail.

Only You and You alone,
O my Savior up above,
Can for my sin atone
And lift me with Your love.

When my strength is wearing thin,
And my joy grows dimmer still,
You renew me from within
And give me purpose in Your will.

I am not immune to heartache
When life brings pain undue,
Yet each time you lift my burden
And my spirit You renew.

by Kevin Phillips