Compares Not

Life’s temporary pleasures,
Enchanting as they seem;
Earthly wealth and treasures,
With gold and silver gleam;
Mortal reputation,
The spotlight and the fame;
Compares not to elation,
When Christ calls out your name.

Politics and power,
Authority’s respect;
Drink through the evening hour,
Numb the urge to introspect;
Led about by fleshly lust,
‘Til pleasure’s has it’s fill;
Compares not to the God I trust
And walking in His will.

The glory of Your mercy,
The forgiveness that You give;
You make righteous the thirsty,
And abundantly we live;
When the whole world is faithless,
You are the One who’s true;
Your steadfast love is priceless,
Nothing compares with You.

by Kevin Phillips