Dark Moments

Dark moments of mind,
Heavy heart strains to beat,
Peace within yet to find,
Stung by pain’s awful heat.

Fully lacking in hope,
Happiness an abyss,
Depression’s dark scope
Causing hurt deep as this.

No motive to move
But from life hide away,
Paralized, unbehooved
To rise to the day.

No want but to sleep,
To dream and escape,
With no joy to reap,
Life a barren landscape.

Searching for light,
Unconvinced it will come,
Eclipsed by such blight,
Spirit rendered numb.

One day freedom will reign,
I will leave this dark shore,
With this faith, but a grain,
I at last will find more.

‘Til that moment appear
I resolve to endure,
Through the dark deny fear
And find victory sure.

by Kevin Phillips