A Weighty Thing

In this earthly tent I tire,
And my spirit wearies too;
I have a dimmer fire
Than I once had for You.

Though hope should be exceeding
As a child of the King,
Contentment is so fleeting
For life’s a weighty thing.

Can I lift myself out
Of the mire and the clay,
Overcome my doubt,
And keep my flesh at bay?

The strength I seek is found
Not behind this mortal veil;
Naught from terrestrial ground
Shall cause me to prevail.

Only You and You alone,
O my Savior up above,
Can for my sin atone
And lift me with Your love.

When my strength is wearing thin,
And my joy grows dimmer still,
You renew me from within
And give me purpose in Your will.

I am not immune to heartache
When life brings pain undue,
Yet each time you lift my burden
And my spirit You renew.

by Kevin Phillips

Compares Not

Life’s temporary pleasures,
Enchanting as they seem;
Earthly wealth and treasures,
With gold and silver gleam;
Mortal reputation,
The spotlight and the fame;
Compares not to elation,
When Christ calls out your name.

Politics and power,
Authority’s respect;
Drink through the evening hour,
Numb the urge to introspect;
Led about by fleshly lust,
‘Til pleasure’s has it’s fill;
Compares not to the God I trust
And walking in His will.

The glory of Your mercy,
The forgiveness that You give;
You make righteous the thirsty,
And abundantly we live;
When the whole world is faithless,
You are the One who’s true;
Your steadfast love is priceless,
Nothing compares with You.

by Kevin Phillips

Christ is Waiting

The journey’s left me humble,
With no strength left to stand.
As I begin to stumble,
The Father takes my hand.

He keeps me from falling
And He sets me in His ways,
So I follow His calling
And I set my heart to praise.

Though I have a heavy burden,
Christ lifts it from my shoulder.
He smooths the way I walk in,
And He make my meek heart bolder.

The easy yoke He offers,
Yes, the burden taken, light.
And though there may be scoffers,
His truth is my delight.

So when life leaves you wanting
And your burden weighs you down,
Remember Christ is waiting
To exchange it for a crown.

by Kevin Phillips

When Prayers Rise

When prayers rise up to Heaven,
Mercy touches Earth.
From deep inside the lion’s den,
Mourning becomes mirth.

When saints cry out to God above,
He answers from His throne.
Experiencing His great love,
We know we’re not alone.

The power of Almighty God
In grace is shown to man.
Down here on this earthly sod,
We see His glorious plan.

In His surpassing faithfulness,
His kindness becomes clear.
In love abundantly He’ll bless,
So we have no need to fear.

by Kevin Phillips

These Questions

Of what do I consist?
Merely flesh and bone?
These questions still persist;
In this am I alone?
Body, soul, and spirit,
Congealed into man,
This natural life I live,
Can I be greater than?

I seek more than base desires,
More than pleasures of the earth,
Not appeasing passion’s fire,
Nor simple foolish mirth;
Rather, legacy of value,
Worth more than human treasure,
Something noble, good, and true,
Not life wasted on mere leasure.

To take the road less travelled,
To walk the way of saints,
‘Til life’s fully unravelled,
To live a masterpiece God paints.
Still I have these questions,
And my understanding fails;
So through life’s many lessons,
I pray holiness prevails.

by Kevin Phillips

Blind Eyes

Lost perspective, sight aschew,
When I take my eyes from you.
When this world attracts my gaze,
I stumble into baser ways.

To painful roads distraction leads,
The heart is wounded and it bleeds.
Hope is lost where self is found,
Shifting sand the only ground.

When transfixed again on You,
Blind eyes see and hope renews.
You, O Lord, faith to me give,
When set on You I truly live.

by Kevin Phillips

Dark Moments

Dark moments of mind,
Heavy heart strains to beat,
Peace within yet to find,
Stung by pain’s awful heat.

Fully lacking in hope,
Happiness an abyss,
Depression’s dark scope
Causing hurt deep as this.

No motive to move
But from life hide away,
Paralized, unbehooved
To rise to the day.

No want but to sleep,
To dream and escape,
With no joy to reap,
Life a barren landscape.

Searching for light,
Unconvinced it will come,
Eclipsed by such blight,
Spirit rendered numb.

One day freedom will reign,
I will leave this dark shore,
With this faith, but a grain,
I at last will find more.

‘Til that moment appear
I resolve to endure,
Through the dark deny fear
And find victory sure.

by Kevin Phillips

Every Day

When I am weak,
Lord, You are strong.
You’re always right,
So oft I’m wrong.
You stay faithful,
Though I stray;
And yet You love me-
Every day.

You are righteous,
I’m steeped in sins.
You are good,
Yet my flesh wins.
You set my paths,
I walk away,
And yet you love me-
Every day.

I will seek You,
Though I fail,
For one day
Grace will prevail:
Before your throne
I’ll ever stay,
And I will worship-
Every day.

by Kevin Phillips

Christmas Gifts

Paper, ribbons, tags, and bows,
Boxes beautified for Christmas Day.
Such beauty in a simple package,
It seems a shame to tear away.

But once the shell is broken open,
Deep within it is revealed
Hidden in this simple package
A greater gift is found concealed.

We are all but flesh and blood,
Our moments here are just a breath.
Like jars of clay we are so fragile,
Life runs blindly into death.

But deep inside these fragile vessels,
The Spirit stirs up gifts of light.
Though we are weak His strength empowers,
And mortal men gain godly might.

Remember, then, this Christmas lesson,
Of the gifts within you hide;
Unopened gifts accomplish nothing,
You must reveal the gift inside!

by Kevin Phillips


Again and again,
Wave after wave,
Hurt after hurt,
Pain after pain.

Blow after blow,
Loss after loss,
End after end,
Cost after cost.

Wound after wound,
Heart break after break,
Day after day,
God gives grace after grace.

by Kevin Phillips