Exceptional Forgiveness

Forgiveness is difficult. It is something given to one who doesn’t deserve it, from one who has been wronged. By nature, forgiveness opposes our every human instinct to demand justice or desire vengeance. And the larger the offense, the harder it is to forgive.

God has not just called us to forgive the small things. We are called to offer exceptional forgiveness, grace beyond human reason.

Consider Joseph. His brothers plotted his death and sold him into slavery. Despite his outstanding integrity, his morality was thrown into question, and he was thrown into prison. There he remained for years before Pharaoh took note of him. The best years of his life had been miserable and squandered. He had every reason to have his brothers.

And yet, he forgave. He vowed to protect them and supply their needs, saying “Do not fear, for am I in the place of God”
(Genesis 50:17‭-‬19 ESV)? Joseph understood something important: only God alone had the right to NOT forgive! For the rest of us, we must offer the same grace given to us in Christ Jesus.

God is calling you to forgive. He is calling you to exceptional forgiveness, to grace beyond grace. Heed His call.