Twisted Words

In 1 Samuel 18:3-4, we read about the deep friendship between David and Jonathan. And this scripture is a great example of the deep and meaningful relationships that Christian men should have with one another. However, that is not why I am sharing this scripture today.

You may not realize it, but many have used this scripture to promote the idea that a homosexual relationship is biblical, trying to read sexual connotations into this scripture. But I am not writing this to discuss homosexual relationships specifically, either.

Instead, I want to address how we read the Bible. Specifically, are you reading out of God’s Word, or into it? Are you seeking to understand the Bible for what it says, or for what you want it to say? Does God’s Word shape your perception and challenge you to change, or do you interpret what it says according to what you already feel and believe?

We can read the Bible the wrong way! Any words- even God’s- can be made to say something they don’t mean. Using “sound bytes” from scripture, much like media outlets use snippets of words to report whatever they wish, the Word of God has been incorrectly interpreted to justify all manners of sin.

The truth of God’s Word is this: an honest look should have uncomfortable moments. Moments that challenge and change us. If all you find is self affirmation in the Bible, you need to take a closer look. God loves you as you are, but has plans for you to be something a little better, something a little more. Look deep into God’s Word- deep enough that it causes discomfort- and embrace the better you that God is changing you to become.

Lord, I appreciate your words of affirmation, but I thank you now for your words of correction. Thank you for caring enough not to leave me as I am. Though it may be uncomfortable, I look expectantly to the greener pastures ahead. Amen.