In the story Ruth, Boaz is a wonderful example of a man of kindness and integrity. And after Ruth asks him to redeem her husband’s inheritance and take her as his wife, we see another virtue that scripture holds in high esteem: he was a man of action.

Concerning Boaz, Naomi told Ruth that “the man will not rest but will settle the matter today” (Ruth 3:18 ESV). There are two ways to respond to life’s situations: we can let things happen our we can make things happen. We can grumble and complain, or we can be a force for change.

Remember that the Spirit of God dwells within you and the hand of God moves on your behalf. God values steps taken in faith and has called us to God works. He desires you to be a person of action and empowers you to affect change. Dare to dream, dare to believe, dare to act, just dare!